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Who is this person?

Right now my wonderful hubby is outside vacuuming the yard.  We are calling it vacuuming because he is mowing to get up all the leaves and acorns that have fallen down.  Ya the yard probably does need to be mowed, but not much.  That could wait.

What I find interesting and little bit funny, is for years he has said he didn’t want a house because he didn’t want to have to do the maintenance and keep it all up.  He wanted more time to purse art and play and just have fun.   So when we fist got together we bought a condo.  Truthfully it was really all we could afford in the Bay Area in CA.  It was a nice place in a nice area. We were there for seven years and were happy with it.  I always thought I would prefer a house, but turns out at the time that really was the right choice for us.  We were busy working and no time for upkeep.  It was great when the pipe over head burst and all we had to do was call the home owners association.

Then we sold it all and moved into an RV.  Really we had no structure to upkeep.  Ya, RV maintenance, but no expensive home repairs and Greg loved it that way.  He would always remark on how he didn’t have to do any yard work, painting, or any install any floors.  Seems the whole family installed some sort of hardwood flooring within two years, with the help of my dad.  We were starting to think it was his new hobby.

So four years into RVing full time we started talking seriously about a home.  The range of renting apartments, to just getting a place to park the rv part of the year and build a studio, to actually owning a home was discussed at length.   All three were a serious plan at some point.  I think I just really wanted a home, a permanent home.   To make our own and home exchange, build a studio, have a place for the dog to roam.  So we decided on that, all the while with Greg telling me the yard was my responsibility.  No problem I kept saying.  I have no problem with that.

So it did pretty much start out that way.  Well, Greg did chop everything down and did a lot of work as everything was overgrown to the point of jungle proportions, but after that I was in charge of mowing.  I still have no problem with that.  However, my husband has taken over.  he LIKES it.  He likes maintaining his yard.  He made a compost pile.  He planted blackberry bushes, got me some blueberry bushes and checks his yard everyday.  Who is this person?

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