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What my website does for me.

The topic on Flaming Hot! this week, is “What does your website do for you?”

Mostly what my website does is give me a place to house a catalog of made to order beads and is a directory of where else people can find my work. I also host daily specials on the site for loyal browsers to check out every day.

I see my website as the starting place for my online gallery of work. People can come and browse my work, read about me and Greg, get to know us a bit. Then they can branch out to various other outlets that we carry our work at; Ebay, Justbeads, and Etsy. There is also a link to this blog for people who wish to hear what I want to ramble on about.

So is it just a marker on the internet yellow pages? I don’t think so. I think it is a peak into my little world where folks can get to know me a bit. So I think the question should be, What does my website do for other people? I hope it does something, otherwise I have been waisting a lot of time. :-)

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