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Welcome to December!

I just put a huge dent in my Christmas list.  That feels good.  How about you?

This year is our first year in a house in five years.  I want so much to decorate it all pretty and Christmasy.  I love Christmas decorations.  They make me smile.   However, since we have been living in the rv for so long, we got rid of all the things we use to have and we do not have it in the budget to buy new stuff this year.  We did break down and buy a fun blow up outside decoration.  It is a Charlie Brown and Snoopy movable thing.  It is fun and makes me smile. At least the outside will be festive.

I am hoping my mom will come through with a Christmas Wreath for my door, even though I didn’t tell her I wanted one.  Maybe she will read this and one will show up.  hehe….nice hint huh mom? She makes really nice silk flower arrangements.

I am not complaining however.  We feel very blessed this year, and after all Christmas isn’t about stuff anyway.   There is a great secret santa thread on one of my lampworking boards were lampwrokers and sending gifts to each other.  The generosity is overwhelming.   It makes me smile to read when people get a gift and how happy it made them.  The gifts are all random, so no one knows if one is coming.  A surprise in the mail box.  What can be better than that?

H ave a fantastic holiday season!

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