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To Be Tech Savy!

It must be wonderful to be tech savy. Some days I feel like I am barely computer literate. I spent a majority of my morning just trying to figure out how to get some links posted in the right place. I know how to post a link. I get that. I guess, it’s mostly just figuring out new programs that takes most of my time. Unfortunately, nothing about computers is second nature to me, so maybe it is just enough that I have gotten as far as I have. I also have my bead ladies to thank for helping me get this far. Thanks ladies, you know who you are.

So the rest of this labor day will be spent with me working on other web projects, most likely Bonded! By Fire. Then I get to torch later this afternoon. Greg already has a marble in the kiln and is working on new murrini. One of these days I am going to have to make another marble and try some more murrini. In all of my spare time I guess.

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