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The Writing Continues

Just in case you are wondering, I am still writing.  I missed the day the computer died, so I am already behind on getting 50,000 words in this month.  We also found out Greg’s mom is coming for Thanksgiving, so I am not sure if I will get to write those days.  I am however really enjoying myself.  I have just over 4000 words written.  I am supposed to be at about about 8000 today.  Humm, some how I doubt I will make it that far.  That doesn’t mean I am giving up.  Even if I don’t get it done in a month (what a huge goal), I believe I will still keep at it.  As long as I don’t get too picky about what I am writing, it seems to go pretty smooth and is very enjoyable.  I keep hearing the key is to just get it down on paper, so matter what you think of your first attempts, then you go from there.  I think they are on to something.

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