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The Lure of Genealogy

How did this happen? I am not one that enjoys research all that much. So how is it that all of the sudden I am neck deep in family history? I grew up in California, with just my parents and my sister. Moms family is in Colorado and Dads is in Texas. Except for a few summer visits, one when I was very young, like four and another when I was about 13, we didn’t spend much time with Moms family, though I certainly knew them better than Dads, who I only saw on a few week or two visits a few times in my life. Needless to say, I have meet most of my relatives, who had been living in my lifetime, though I barely know them.

On a whim, I started to research the family line. I am most fascinated with where I come from. Well, where my ancestors come from and why they came to America. Most likely I will never know why they came, but it is fun for me to see where they came from. So far I have tracked on my moms paternal side that Great Great Grandma Augusta did come from Germany in 1872. I have no idea where Great Great Grandfather Albert comes from other than was born in Iowa in 1862, right in the middle of the civil war. Add to the fact that most of the 1890 Us Census record was burned at one point, I may never find out. Moms maternal side has a strong German line as well. I even found Swiss ancestors and which ship they came over on in the 1700’s. I am not sure why all of this is so exciting to me, except that it must be the traveler/adventurer in my blood.

So, I am neck deep in Genealogy sites and am neglecting my husband. He isn’t at all as interested in all of this as I am, though he perked up when I started to ask about his family. :-)

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