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I'm back!

I am back from Bead Camp and to be honest, still recovering a little bit.  Our event in Tennessee had 21 attendees, all bead makers and and a few jewelry designers.  We had Jennifer Geldard come in to teach half day classes and while we weren’t doing that we were torching, eating, and do a lot of laughing.  There wasn’t much sleeping going on however, so it’s taken me a few days to bounce back.  Having that much fun sure wears you out.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures.  I am the one who never brings her camera and relies on everyone else to take the photos.  I am still waiting for my peeps to post them so I can snag a couple.  I did learn a few new things and have a bunch of new ideas in the hopper for new designs.  I spent most of my time making focals, which is always a nice break from making sets.  Here are a few I brought home from bead camp.






Most of these have made it to my ebay page, and I have a few more coming in the next few days.

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