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Trinidad, CA-Favorite Things Monday

Doesn’t the California coast sound heavenly right now as we all bake in stifling heat? I’ve only gone outside to head straight to the car or to check on the progress of our yellow jacket situation. (BTW they are still alive, but contained under that bowl. Greg even mowed successfully).

I literally haven’t spent more than three minutes outside at one time since Greg took me to New Orleans a week ago. Before that? Who knows. Thank you baby Jesus for inventing air-conditioning. And ceiling fans. I love my ceiling fans.

Anyway, this got me thinking about my favorite place on earth. Trinidad, CA. Where the redwoods met the coast. Man is it gorgeous there.

This picture was taken in Sept of 2006. Through all of our RV adventures we had, I’m pretty sure Trinidad ranks number one as the best place we visited. Followed closely by the Olympic Peninsula. You just can’t beat fresh crab from the Hood Canal.

I’d gladly live there if the winters weren’t so gray. And if my bank account was substantially larger. :) Today I wish I was walking the beaches and smelling the redwoods. Then I’d top it off with a trip to Six Rivers Brewery. Ahh.

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