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I wonder when I will finally get use to the thunder down here?  Here I am busy working away at the computer, when I see  a flash of bright light.  Now it is a little after 1pm, so the middle of the day.  Obviously,  I am not registering what it must be, when a huge clap of thunder rolls.  Good thing I wasn’t holding any beads or marbles.  I might have just dropped them.  I have to admit, the storms do freak me out a bit.  I try hard not to be freaked out by them, especially since Disney (my 10 yr old Golden Retriever), is really freaked out by the storms.  Poor old girl, she gets really nervous.  I know I am not suppose to make any big deal of it and all that, so I don’t.  However, sometimes she gets so scared I have no choice to comfort her.  I mean really, how long would you leave your baby freaking out by themselves?  I guess these two Bay Area, California girls are just going to have to get use to it, living down here in the south!

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