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Skinny Cow & Jambe Juice-Favorite Things Monday

If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you’ve probably seen my many posts about Skinny Cow. Usually at about ten or eleven at night when I’m writing or editing. And usually I’m either feeling guilty about eating one at that hour or complaining I am out.

In fact. Right at this minute, I only have one of these tasty little ice cream sandwiches in my possession. Here is the box, but there is only one lonely little ice cream treat in there.

Ha! Right after I added the picture, Greg arrived home from his weekly shopping trip and I am happy to say, I now have two full boxes of Skinny Cow. He also brought home a delicious watermelon. As I was cutting it up, and sampling of course, I suddenly had a craving for the seasonal watermelon smoothies we used to make at Jamba Juice.

Oh, how I wish we had a Jamba Juice store around here. Sorry Smoothie King. Your menu just doesn’t work for me. I find it really cool that I still love Jamba Juice smoothies even though I worked there for five years. It feels like forever since those days, though, only eight and a half years. Which seems really short considering next year will be my 20th high school reunion. What?!?

HOLY CRAP! I was just looking up a picture of the Jamba Juice logo and guess what? Jamba has made an appearance into New Orleans. Oh my day is made!!!

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