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Playing with Murrine

Last week I went on a murrine binge.  For those of you unaware of what murrine is, it is a design made in glass cane and pulled down, like fimo clay.  Almost all of Greg’s marbles are made with murrine he has made.  Well, he has bins and bins of glass chips of murrine in all kinds of designs, fish, flowers, bugs, butterfly, space themes (aliens, spaceships, rockets), lizards, turtles, people, houses, all kinds of animals and lots lots more.

So he told me last week I could use as much of his murrine as I wanted.  So I did.  I made some pressed beads and some focals.  Using these type of murrine in pressed beads can be a challenge because it is so easy to distort the design.  So I put them on after I do my first press, then repress and reshape.

I worked with sunflowers (Most of you know how I LOVE sunflowers):



Remember how I wrote earlier Greg said I could use as much of his murrine as I wanted?  Yeah, just after I made these he said, “Hey! You used all of my sunflowers.” So?

Fish and crabs:



And finally some butterflies:



All of these are currently on ebay.

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