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My friends say I'm spolied

Todays topic on Flaming Hot! is preparing your beads for sale.  There is a whole process after a person makes their beads that has to be gone through before a person can sell them.  In my case, they have to be taken off the mandrels, which can be hard on the fingers and hands.  Then they have to be cleaned.  Most bead makers I know clean their beads with a diamond coated bit and a dremel.   This is what we do too.  The next step if it is a set, is to string them up some how.   I string my sets up on craft wire and space them out with seed beads.  Then they have to be photographed, as we sell online pretty much exclusively.

Out of all of those steps, I only string up my beads on the wire.  Greg almost always does the rest of it.   He even dips my mandrels, so they are ready for me when I want to work.  This is quite funny, since he rarely makes beads. He does not need a mandrel to make  a marble.  So if it is a set, I do, do something to prepare it for sale.  If it is a marble or a focal, I wait for Greg to do what he does.

So, I guess what they say is right.  I am spoiled.

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