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Modern Savages

About a week ago I talked about a new blog site I have become involved with.  It is called Modern Savages.  It is a group of lampworkers, like myself, who have signed up to follow a theme each week and make beads, marbles, jewelry, glass art, whatever that is inspired by the theme.  Then we blog about it on Modern Savages.  This is the very first week and the theme is fall.  If you click on the MS link you can see what we all came up with that “fall” inspired us to do.  Each one of those pieces is for sale wither on individual websites or auction houses like justbeads or ebay.  Each picture is linked to where it is for sale if you are so inclined to find out how you may purchase any of the them.

Personally I am really excited about this new blog site, as it gives us all a new challenge, something to work on that is not the same thing day in and day out.  For me is sparks creativity, which is something I feel I have needed these last few weeks.  It is also a great excuse to get out of my comfort zone.

I have already posted my fall themes beads in the previous post of clickables.  The golden leaf and the leafless tree.  Those were really fun for me.  Makes me excited to torch again.  Have a fantastic day!

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