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Look Where You Want To Go

When you learn to ride a bike, one of the first lessons is to look where you want to go. It’s pretty simple; whatever direction you’re looking is where you will end up.

This lesson can be applied to just about anything we do. For instance, if you are always saying, “It’s too hard to sell my work.” Or,  “The import market is killing my business.” Or, “I’ll never be as good as *fill in your favorite lampworker*” Then all of those predictions will come true.

Try this, “I will make ten beads this session.” Or, “I commit to ten Etsy listings a week.” Or, “I will spend one night a week trying new techniques.”

The idea is to focus on what you want. If you’re busy thinking about the ten beads you want to make and are excited about that, chances are you’ll get those ten beads made. Likely they will be better beads, too. The same thing applies to committing to ten listings  a week on Etsy. Your energy is flowing toward the positive.

However, if you are thinking: I’ll never sell anything anyway. The imports are taking over. You aren’t going to be motivated to get your business moving are you?

This isn’t a Pollyanna post. I know it’s hard to stay focused and motivated. Competition and economics are a factor in all business.  When things aren’t turning out as expected, take an honest look at what you’re doing and make a plan to try something new. If what you are doing isn’t working, try something else. Different beads, different price points, take a class, study what successful lampworkers are doing business wise and see if you can apply anything to your own business.

Always be looking forward.

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