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I like the name Bob

I have joined yet another blog group called Flaming Hot! It is basically a blog group for blogging lampworkers with ideas to blog about and tips to share.  Todays topic is naming finished pieces. Actually, this topic was started yesterday, so I had a chance to read the other entires first. My favorite was Ever Afters post. At the end she says her next set will be named Fred.

I laughed out loud when I read that. I have a terrible time naming my beads and Greg’s marbles. I use the speak to me approach. I look at them, fondle them and let them tell me their name. More often than not they are mute or extremely uncreative. I have yet to resort to Blue Florals, Pink Florals, etc, but I have thought about it a lot. Or how about just numbers for set? Florals 101. Scrolls 202. I can’t bring myself to do that. They need something to identify them.

I often ask Greg to help. Lots of times he has names picked out for his marbles. I love that, since most of the time he does have a story with his piece. Unfortunately, often the names are too long to fit in my ebay listing, so I have to modify them. When we can’t thing of anything, one of us usually says, “Bob…how about just Bob?” Then we laugh and I roll my eyes and let the piece speak to me. Maybe it is time I went with Bob. Laurie of Ever After gets Fred, I get Bob…you can have Ralph.

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