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I have no self control

A few days ago I blogged about  I have become addicted.  I have been swapping books like crazy the last few weeks and I now have to put myself on restriction.  You see I have absolutely no self control what-so-ever once I have started a book.  I have to finish it.  I’ll read all day and stay up all night if I have too.  Then to make matters worse, if it is a series book, which a lot of the ones I am reading right now are, I will start the next one right away.  Starting the cycle all over again.

What does this mean?  Well I have been spending a large amount of time reading, which means I have been sorta not working as much as I should.  Bad me.  However, my real problem is that I don’t have great eye site.  Now my eyes are very tired and are not focusing very well.  I wear glasses for distance, so this isn’t a blurry, I am not wearing my glasses while reading issue.  I don’t need reading glasses.  I wish it were that simple.  I just plain am wearing my poor eyes out.  Or at least the one good eye anyway (I am almost blind in my left eye).  I fear I am straining the poor thing.  Add my countless hours of looking into the computer ( I have been writing a lot too) with the countless torch time hours, then add in two straight days of reading.  It doesn’t add up to a great picture.  So I am off to rest my poor eye a bit, before I start staring in the computer screen again and then getting my torching done.

Too bad I can’t find a hobby that rests my eyes….

I have seven books lined up waiting for me to read them.  I am feeling tortured.

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