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Hello from TN!

Hello from Crossville, TN.  It is just gorgeous here this weekend.  The perfect fall weather, nothing like what we have down in Louisiana.  It is mid 70’s, with a slight breeze and last night got down into the 40’s.  Okay I admit it, I was cold, but come on, I am use to 90’s with the low of 73.  But it is gorgeous weather.

Aside from the weather the company couldn’t be better.  Angie, Vern and I spent all day torching yesterday.  I perfect opportunity for me to play and just try new things and new glass.  Angie has a bunch of glass I don’t normally stock.  I am actually a bit afraid now, as I think I am going to just have to have some of those silver colors.   They are a bit expensive, but wow, lovely.  Hopefully my beads I made with it come out good then I can show you a few of them. 

So lots of torching, talking, and luaghing going on here.  Couldn’t be better, accept I heard my dog is moping around waiting for me to come home.  Poor girl.  She’ll just have to wait it out until tomrrow, if Angie doesn’t kidnap me. 

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