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He Still Has Both Ears

Greg has been channeling Van Gogh, but he still has both ears, don’t worry. These next two marbles of his sunflower series went on ebay today. Both of them are Van Gogh themed. The first one is titled “Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers”. A take on Van Gogh’s own sunflower series. The second one I named “Van Gogh Esque”. Greg was trying for a Van Gogh feel. I think he captured it.

I really really love both of these. Yes, I was tempted to snatch them and put them in my case, but we compromised. Greg is actually making me a commission piece. Something he never does for anyone. I was holding the one I blogged about hostage until I get one of my very own. I believe he already has it in the kiln. He told me he’d break is no commission rule just for me. I feel so special. lol! Now sometimes someone will ask for something, and sometimes he does it and sometimes he doesn’t. So still feel free to ask, he just doesn’t really do commission work as a rule. So here they are:

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