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Greg's Sunflowers

For a few years now Greg has been calling me his sunflower. He says I am just like one. When the sun comes out, I perk up and turn my face to the sun and when it is dreary out, I tend to get unhappy. So this explains partly why we are in Louisiana.

So as you know I was out of town for four days. It’s unusual for us to be apart for any length of time really. So I came home to find he has made a bunch of sunflower marbles, a design he has not done before. He says and I quote “I made sunflowers, because I was missing my sunflower.”

I am so in love with his new designs. Sunflowers are indeed my favorite flowers. In fact there is one that I am holding back that may never even see the light of day I love it so much. ( I have never yet kept one of Greg’s marbles for myself). There are no pictures of it yet, as I wouldn’t list it on ebay. We’ll see. However, I did go ahead and list two of the ones he made, even though I really would just like to stash them all away in my cabinet. These are by far my favorite marbles Greg has ever made.

So here are two of them. There are at least two more coming, maybe three at this point.

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