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Do you set goals for yourself? I do. Lots of them. Torching goals are four new things to list in various places 6 days a week. Going right along with that is getting those things listed, which means getting pictures edited and descriptions done. Exercise for thirty minutes at least five days a week. Write 1000 words a day on various writing projects. Blog at least three times a week. Spend at least one day a week out playing somewhere with Greg. Take a day for just me to do whatever I want. I am horrible at this one. Once Greg literally yelled at me when I was packaging up items to ship out on my day off, (which is Friday) cause I didn’t want the customers who just paid to have to wait for Monday. Now, those who know us, probably have trouble seeing Greg yelling at me. :-) Now I always do ship on Fridays, but I usually do that first thing in the morning and later payments are suppose to wait until Monday. Ideally I should ship on Thursdays, but that is my big torching day. I get the kiln all to myself, no sharing with hubby, so I don’t. Anyway you can see I have issues with taking a day off, even though I really want it.

The bad thing is I get upset with myself when I don’t meet my goals. I have other ones too that deal with various marketing groups and other guest blogs as well. I do my best. The thing is, I keep adding more and more stuff for me to do, as if I don’t have enough to do already. I am a full time lampworker, torching 5 days a week anywhere from 3 to 6 hours a day. Most often we are looking at around 5 hours. Then all the computer work with running the business. Greg does do his share. The lovely man cleans all my beads for me, even though he rarely makes any and he takes all the pictures.

So I am busy, with goals that I want to meet, try to meet and am serious about meeting them. I am nothing if not motivated, usually. My problem this week is the motivation has left the building. At least I am checking one thing off my list. Blog entry done, even if it is just rambling at it’s worst. Cheers.

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