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Finally! Emerging from the depths of Hell.

There are advantages to working at home for yourself, then there are some clear disadvantages. On the one hand, when you work by yourself and are not around people much, your chances of getting sick are much lower. Not many people to catch the yucky bugs from. However, if you are rarely exposed, your immune system has a hard time dealing with it when it is. Where are all those antibodies I built up as a kid? Surely they are now super bugs, that my body had no hope of fending off.

I got home from Arizona last Monday night. Greg picked me up from the airport, we headed off to dinner in the French Quarter and had a lovely evening my first night home. The next day I busily got to work shipping, answering emails, making some beads. Got started on some orders that had come in. It was a productive first day back. I felt great.

Wednesday morning I woke up with the flu. I don’t remember much between then and now. Accept that Greg got it the next day. A week later we are on the mend. Today I actually think I might do some torching. Please let the powers that be know, I NEED TO TORCH! Two weeks off was way more than I bargained for. Yes, I am still weak, but I am at least feeling human.

I hope you are are healthy, this flu is a killer.

More soon on my adventures of Arizona.

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