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Feeling Melancholy

Do you ever feel melancholy for no particularly good reason? Or at least maybe you don’t know why? I am having one of those days. That in itself isn’t all that particularly unusual. This usually happens to me when I get cabin fever, or work too much, or am feeling particularly stressed. The thing is none of those things are really on target for this day. Okay maybe a little bit of cabin fever is going on, as we didn’t actually take our usual Saturday off. We just worked on different things, but nothing pressing. And I am not stressed, and not feeling particularly over worked. So I am left wondering what it is really, that is going on?

The odd part my husband is feeling the same way. He is Mr optimistic, or at least is when it comes to being in a good mood. He isn’t much of a worrier either. So why are we pledged with this melancholy on the same day?

I am a big believer in energy. In the way that all of us are connected with threads of energy. I am particularly effected by the energy of people I am close with, even when I am not near them. Do you ever find yourself thinking something is just off? Then you find out someone you love is having a hard time with something? Maybe hubby and I are effecting each others moods. It is possible I suppose. I hope it is that and not a large black cloud over someone we both care deeply for (not a happy thought at all, lets move on).

Maybe it is just a state of the world affairs. Everyday the news brings more and more depressing doom and gloom. From the economy, with banks folding, Freddie and Fannie needing a serious bail out, people losing their homes, gas prices, rising food costs, and now this lift on the ban of off shore drilling, or to the President committing to the G8 decision to reduce green house gases by 50% by 2050 then coming home and saying, “nope sorry, that will cost too many jobs”. Then add in the politicians who have yet to say anything to give me any real hope of a serious change. It’s all very depressing. I even stopped watching the news, I’m tired of it. (That will probably last all of three days…).

Or maybe it is just that the day is overcast and the sun hasn’t come out to brighten my petals. :-)

All in all I have much to be thankful for. My good friend Lisa is coming for a visit this weekend. I am pretty excited about that. Business is good (or at least good enough) and we are healthy. So I am off to go count my blessings, and look forward to a fun filled weekend.

Maybe it is just one of those weird astrological things. Is there a moon in retrograde or something causing the moodiness? Maybe I can blame it on that? What do you think?

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