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Exciting Times!

Okay, so I don’t talk politics much online. Mostly with just Greg, my hubby and in our own home. However, I just have to say that is an exciting historic time for the nation. The two perceived front runners for the democratic party are making history and I am excited to be here to see it. I will spare you my views and opinions, but want to encourage everyone to vote, no matter who you are or who you want to vote for. Get out there and let your voice be heard! I am looking forward to a better next four years no matter what happens.

Okay, so enough politics. I am ready for Spring to get here. Really, I mean we have only had a few weeks of winter at best here and even then we have had some 70 degree days. However, all my plants look sad and like they have gone to sleep for the time. I am ready for them to come back to life and add color to my front yard. It isn’t all bad though. Our tree in the back is blooming pretty reddish/pink flowers. That is something. Have a fantastic day, the sun looks to be coming out. YAY!

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