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Do you fell neglected?

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog a little bit.  Funny how life gets in the way of things we intend to do isn’t it?  I had a blog all written out in my head yesterday, then things started to happen and I forgot all about it.

The fridge died yesterday.  So we called a repair dude.  He was nice enough, but turns out the repair is much as a new one.   I fell icky that the fridge is disposable.  All that space it will take up in land fill.  However, we can now buy a fridge that actually fits into the space it belongs, as opposed to how the previous owners did it….sawing off part of the cabinet.  Then it still didn’t fit.  Yes, for six years apparently the fridge just stuck out awkwardly.  Now is had died.  We are fridge shopping today.

Today is also the day I start my novel in a month adventure.  Yes, I am still doing that and yes I am starting today, but I was told not to neglect the blog, so I made that my first priority…well after I added a few things to Etsy.   I do have a fridge to pay for now after all.

So my other bog I had written in my head was all about the Peanuts.   Every year during the holidays I make a point to watch the Peanut specials, or at least I try to watch them.  This year I saw the ads for the Great Pumpkin, and I quickly told Greg not to let me forget.  Good thing too, as I was working and would have missed it all together, but my wonderful hubby came in the studio and turned it on for me, so I could once again be on the edge of my seat to find out if The Great Pumpkin comes to visit Linus.  I can hardly wait to see the Thanksgiving special to see what they eat and then the Christmas special to see what kind of tree they get.   How could anyone ever get tired of the Peanuts.  Hands down my favorite cartoon ever.

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