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Vision of the Witch

Vision of the Witch

Book 10: Witches of Keating Hollow

Amelia Holiday never thought she’d be a single mother. But when the father of her child disappears without a trace, that’s exactly what she’ll be. Moving to the enchanted village of Keating Hollow was supposed to be her fresh start. Only it appears her past has followed her. Now she has to decide if she can trust again or if she’s destined to make the same mistakes.

Grayson Riley met the woman of his dreams. The problem? He’s a man with secrets and when he had to go back to his old life, he had no choice but to leave her. Now his entire life has blown up, and with the help of his visions, he’s looking for a do-over. But will the woman he loves forgive him? Or will he end up losing everything he never knew he wanted?

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