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The Warlock's Enchanted Kiss

The Warlock's Enchanted Kiss

Book 2: Witch Island Brides

June, 14th 2018

Carrie Carmichael excels at creating the perfect wedding. But when it comes to romance, the wedding coordinator is always on the sidelines. After years of pining for the town warlock, she’s finally ready to move on. She’s got her eye on the hot new shifter in town, only fate seems ready to step in and derail her plans.

Austin McKee has the magical touch—literally. His kisses are enchanted. And when an old flame shows up on the island to marry another man, suddenly the old enchantment rears its head and she’s ready to ditch her fiancé for Austin. Desperate to escape the runaway bride, Austin begs Carrie to be his fake girlfriend. But now lines are being blurred and Austin’s not at all sure he’s pretending.