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A Glorious Day!

It is gorgeous out today!  I have a load of computer work to do, but I just can’t help myself.  The dog wanted to go out, so I took her.  The sun is bright and warm, with a slight breeze.  Spring is in the air.  Flowers are blooming.  Yesterday was 80 degrees!  I think we are in to a 70 degree day today and while I am suppose to be editing pictures and going through my emails, I took a detour instead.  I trimmed back my boulganvilla plants that are starting to sprout green.  I wanted to clear away the dead branches in hopes it blooms faster.  Yes, I have patience issues.  I also spotted some green sprouting on my hibiscus plants, two of the three anyway and the third one is the slower growing one, so I have high hopes!  I watered a few things then just spent time admiring the pear tree that is blooming and saying hi to the lizards.  Today is the kind of day I wished my lap top wasn’t a dinosaur and I could do my work computer work on the porch.

Lizards for co-workers

A few nights ago, when I was headed off to get some torching done, Greg said to me “Play nice with your co-workers”.  I thought, humm, have I developed multiple personalities?  “What?” I say to him.

He gives me his funny little grin and says “Play nice with the lizards”.

Oh, so the lizards are my co-workers now.  I see.  I give him one of my, you are a nut, but I am too nice to say it out loud looks, “okay”.

I wonder off to my studio, with him grinning at me.

So ya, we have lizards that live here.  Our studio has a couple of big windows that face the back yard and I torch at night.  Which means the lights are bright in my studio and the bugs like to fly around the windows, obviously drawn to the light.  This is where the lizards come in. Dinner time.

So as I am torching, I often see one or two lizards streaking past on the window toward what must be a bug of prey.  One of them has a white belly and I swear I get flashed a few times every night.  It can be a little distracting at first, seeing something move out of the corner of my eye.  Last night there were two of them running around.  Looked to me like they we teamed up, going after a moth.  How do I take all this in and still make those beads?   Beats me.

I have learned to expect to see those little guys each night.  If not, I start to wonder what happened to them.  Did I not get the memo it was a day off?  I also learned I have to be careful to close the screen door before I start working, otherwise the lizards like to actually hang out on the door and when I go outside to turn the propane off, they sometimes come in the studio.  We don’t want that.  The lizards are cool and all, but I sure don’t want them in the house.  I mean really when it is quiting time, I don’t want my co-workers going home with me.

How you Doin'?

Good Morning. A few days ago I remembered I had a hummingbird feeder in the RV, so I ran out to get it and promptly put it out on the front porch. Very soon we had three different hummingbirds come to stake it’s claim. So for the past few mornings we have enjoyed watching the hummers swarm around the feeder. There is one that is pretty aggressive trying to keep the other two away….or so we thought. It appears one of them is a female and the other two are males (or so we think anyway, we are not experts). The one male has been successful in keeping the other one way. We watched as the dominate male became aggressive with the female and I was sure they were having a hummingbird fight, until Greg informed me they were mating! He has since taken to calling the feeder the “Hummingbird pick up bar”.
Hows that for learning about the birds and the bees? Today we are off to run errands in town, so I am off to it, then later torching. Have a great day!

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