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How you Doin'?

Good Morning. A few days ago I remembered I had a hummingbird feeder in the RV, so I ran out to get it and promptly put it out on the front porch. Very soon we had three different hummingbirds come to stake it’s claim. So for the past few mornings we have enjoyed watching the hummers swarm around the feeder. There is one that is pretty aggressive trying to keep the other two away….or so we thought. It appears one of them is a female and the other two are males (or so we think anyway, we are not experts). The one male has been successful in keeping the other one way. We watched as the dominate male became aggressive with the female and I was sure they were having a hummingbird fight, until Greg informed me they were mating! He has since taken to calling the feeder the “Hummingbird pick up bar”.
Hows that for learning about the birds and the bees? Today we are off to run errands in town, so I am off to it, then later torching. Have a great day!


Recently I wrote that we planted lantana flowers, and that I didn’t know it at the time, but they are butterfly attracting plants. Let me just tell you, that boy oh boy are they! It seems everyday this week I have gone out to check on my plants, there has been a swallowtail butterfly out there, just taking in those lantana like there is no tomorrow. I am not exactly sure which one it is, a giant I think Greg (hubby) said.

I know almost as much about butterflies as I do flowers, which is almost nothing. However, Greg is quite knowledgeable. Growing up in Tahoe, he, his brother, and his dad used to collect and raise them. Personally, I find the notion of collecting butterflies a bit disgraceful to collect these beautiful creatures, however Greg has a great love and respect of these creatures. So I forgive him. Plus I know he wouldn’t do that now.

Instead, he has been on a mission this week to create butterflies in glass. So far he has made three different kinds of butterfly murrini. The first one he did was a swallowtail. If you don’t know what murrini is, it is a cane of glass pulled down so you can slice off pieces, just like fimo clay, and use them in beads or marbles. Although some people just collect murrini slices also. Making murrini takes a lot of skill and patience. I have made two in my glass career to date, one with the help of Greg at my side the whole time and the other one with out. Both came out fairly nice, but then I do have a master (at least I think so) at my beck and call. There is so much detail in a butterfly murrini, I am not sure I even have the guts to try and tackle it. So let just say, I am rather impressed. Here is a marble on ebay with the new swallowtail butterfly murrini. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.


I wonder when I will finally get use to the thunder down here?  Here I am busy working away at the computer, when I see  a flash of bright light.  Now it is a little after 1pm, so the middle of the day.  Obviously,  I am not registering what it must be, when a huge clap of thunder rolls.  Good thing I wasn’t holding any beads or marbles.  I might have just dropped them.  I have to admit, the storms do freak me out a bit.  I try hard not to be freaked out by them, especially since Disney (my 10 yr old Golden Retriever), is really freaked out by the storms.  Poor old girl, she gets really nervous.  I know I am not suppose to make any big deal of it and all that, so I don’t.  However, sometimes she gets so scared I have no choice to comfort her.  I mean really, how long would you leave your baby freaking out by themselves?  I guess these two Bay Area, California girls are just going to have to get use to it, living down here in the south!

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