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Two months house bound.

So today is two months exactly since we moved into our house.  It doesn’t feel like two months at all.  Time has just flown by.  We were wondering how we were going to adjust to living stationary, when we had been traveling in the RV for over four years.  You’d think it would be quite an adjustment right?  Hardly seems so.

Greg says I am happier than I have been in a while.  I was getting so tired of being cooped up in the RV.   Don’t get me wrong.  I love that we spent that much time on the road.  We met so many wonderful people and saw so many places we had never seen.  Gotten to know the sub cultures of America.  It was awesome!  However, we found ourselves working six days a week at the torch (which we still do, we love that too), and not sight seeing as much or doing as much.  It got to be confining.  If we were just traveling about and exploring, that life would still be awesome.

I just love having a house to ramble around in.  Our pets seem happier too.  Especially our bird.  We have a 12 year old, almost 13, Gold Capped Conure.  Miniature type parrot, for those of you lacking in bird knowledge.  Anyway, she use to have to stay in her cage while we worked all day.  Not good to have the bird free while open flame was happening.  So now she gets to hang out with me all day, while I do computer work, and with Greg at night watching the tube, while I torch.   She is quite happy.  The dog would be happier if we got carpet, but she is pleased as well.  Plenty of places for her to sleep.  She changes rooms every few hours.

All in all, we are quite happy and have not seen much of the cabin fever set in.  Is it because we are doing work to the house to fix it up and that keeps us busy?  Maybe it is because we are still getting to know this area and find new stuff all the time?  Maybe it’s our happy flowers out front, that we planted?  Maybe we are just nesting.  My goodness, I even wished for a sewing machine today.  Now that is a crazy thought!

I can’t wait for visitors to start coming.  So far we have three lined up in the next two months.  We are excited to show off our place.  :-)

Sushi and House Painting

Yesterday, I took Greg out on a date. We have been passing this restaurant, Cate Street Seafood Station, that has half of a VW bug sitting like it is coming through the wall and is the old railroad station. I have kind of been half reading the sign each time we drive by. Steaks…not my thing, seafood, sushi! Sushi? Oh ya, sushi. So, I usually only go the places for sushi that have been recommended by other folks, as if you are a sushi lover, it is either really good, or really bad. I have heard of this place before in advertisements, but no personal recommendations. So we went out on a limb and decided to try it. Actually we didn’t really know it was mainly a sushi place, but when we went in, everyone in the place was eating sushi. So of course we went for it. It was really good, especially the bubba gump roll! yum! It was tempura shrimp with tuna I believe and avocado. I could have eaten the whole eight pieces all by myself. The yellow fin, was quite good also. Please someone remind us, we don’t like the crab rolls….we never like them at sushi places, but we continue to order it. Why is that? We both love crab, but never like the crab rolls, anywhere we go.

The painting continues. It looks like as early as next week Greg is going to start on the outside of the house. It really needs it. We spent the morning looking at paint schemes on the internet. I think we came up with one. It was not what we thought we were going to do, but doesn’t it always work that way? It’s going to be a red brown, with cream and sand color accent and trim. At least that is the plan as of today. The best part is Greg said he would do it, and I am off the hook so to speak. He says he doesn’t mind doing it himself. I will still help, but my work load with the business is a bit more time consuming that his is, with the computer work and shipping, so I will help when I can, but it is mainly going to be his show. Whooo Hoo for Greg!

Greg's Sunflowers

For a few years now Greg has been calling me his sunflower. He says I am just like one. When the sun comes out, I perk up and turn my face to the sun and when it is dreary out, I tend to get unhappy. So this explains partly why we are in Louisiana.

So as you know I was out of town for four days. It’s unusual for us to be apart for any length of time really. So I came home to find he has made a bunch of sunflower marbles, a design he has not done before. He says and I quote “I made sunflowers, because I was missing my sunflower.”

I am so in love with his new designs. Sunflowers are indeed my favorite flowers. In fact there is one that I am holding back that may never even see the light of day I love it so much. ( I have never yet kept one of Greg’s marbles for myself). There are no pictures of it yet, as I wouldn’t list it on ebay. We’ll see. However, I did go ahead and list two of the ones he made, even though I really would just like to stash them all away in my cabinet. These are by far my favorite marbles Greg has ever made.

So here are two of them. There are at least two more coming, maybe three at this point.

Do you believe?

On Saturday mornings Greg and I usually take a nice long walk around our new community.  We have only lived here less than a month and a half, so we like to get out and get to know it a bit.  Each Saturday we take a different direction to see something we haven’t seen before.  So last Saturday we headed out on a  new route.

We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves and not paying attention to how far we were going.  This is due mainly to the fact that we were walking along a road that was heavy on the vegetation and had many cool butterflies.  There were about four different kinds and Greg took the time to explain what each one was as we strolled by.

So we get pretty far down this one road and I am thinking, humm we have walked pretty far already, I wonder if this road will cut through to the main drag.  So we turned right and headed down this heavily forested road.  It was quite nice, accept for the unfortunate people who decided to use the road as a dumping ground.  How sad, as the part of town we were in is considered rural and the dump in this parish is free for rural residents.   All they have to do is show a license with their address.

Anyway we get pretty far down the road and we find a cemetery.   If you unfamiliar with Louisiana cemeteries, they have their graves either above ground in tombs or weighted with cement, as we are so close to sea level (or in some cases below it) , bodies have been known to wash away.  Anyway the effect is really cool, beautiful and creepy.  Greg and I have a weird fascination with them.

So we spent quite a bit of time at the edge of the cemetery reading the dates on the tombs, so some were quite old, from the 1800’s and some were really recent.  It was all quite fascinating actually.

Then I see I disturbance in the air.  Kind of like a thin watery veil over one of the tombs, that I could see through.  I guess it kind of looked like water glass.  So I looked at Greg and said, time to go.  I was calm and we left.  So I told Greg “There was a ghost in there”.  He just looked at me.  “Really, what did it look like?”  I told him what I saw and he looked at me like I lost my mind.   I’m sure he thinks I am a nut.  We never found out if the road actually goes all the way through, as we turned around at the cemetery.

So do you believe?   I think it is entirely possible.

Fall is here?

When I woke up this morning, it had just rained, and there was  a foggy overcast feel to the morning.  Greg says to me “It’s a nice fall morning, don’t you think?”.  Now, how in the world can it feel like fall when the temperatures are still around 90 degrees for the high and 71 for the low, with high humidity?  I am still unsure, but it does feel like a nice fall morning.  Maybe it was the rain, or the fact that we live across the street from an elementary school.  There is a slight breeze in the air, moving around the few leaves that have turned color and are dropping from the trees.  Or just maybe it is the shadows the light is casting, as the sun seems to be be not as high in the sky, as it was a month ago.  Whatever it is, it seems fall is coming, even in 90 degree weather.  So Weird!

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