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Well, the heater works.

A few nights ago while I was torching, the breeze from the door and the window actually made me cold.  So I closed the door and kept right on working.  When I was finished at about 9 pm at night, I wondered into the living room to tell Greg it was actually cold outside.  He looked at me with his “You amaze me” look and then laughed.  He gets up wonders over to the thermostat and say, yep you are right it is 74 degrees in here.

Okay, I didn’t say it was cold inside, I said it was cold outside.  So me being me…I put him on ignore.  The next morning, he tells me it’s cold this morning, then turns the heater on.  Yep, we ran it for all of 5 minutes.  Good to know it works for when we might actually need it.  Although some would debate the heater is needed when it is 60 degrees.  Hey, I am use to 90 degree weather, give me a break.

Before & After

I have been talking about us painting the house for a few weeks now.  We finally are almost finished.  We just have the back to finish up today, but it looks done from the front.  Almost.  We do have to paint the blue trellises at the bottom red still, but we are not in a hurry to do that.   We have had to hand brush paint every square inch of the place and it has been tiring, but worth it.  So without further ado, here is the before picture, taken just a few days before we moved in:

And the after picture, taken this morning:

What do you think?

What to do?

Greg says I can have a puppy if I really want one. He knows how to handle me. The joke is on me isn’t it? I told him, you girls said if I wanted a puppy I would win. He is just a big softy after all. Our friends Pat and Brenda have two Shih Tzus, that we feel in love with. Such sweet dogs. He agreed with me and told me if it was something I really wanted he was fine with it. Now I have to decide if this is something I really want.

I was looking at the rescues and trying to decide if I should get a puppy or a rescue (where I found someone giving away their six year old Golden Retriever, I actually cried when I read it). Greg says we should get a puppy from a breeder. Expensive, I know. Disney is a pure breed Golden Retriever. Although she ate her papers when she was a puppy, so she isn’t registered. Though we don’t care about that. What we care about is that she is part of our family. We could care less if she has papers. So here I was wondering why we needed one from a breeder.

Greg says it is because we want to make sure we get a puppy that is healthy and gets socialized correctly. I can agree with that. We don’t want a puppy mill puppy. So I found a breeder about 30 miles from here, that has some gorgeous Shih Tzus….to the tune of $900 for a female. Oh man. That is expensive. I really think I want a female. Though I have never had a male dog, so I am not sure. Disney gets along with most all dogs, so I am not too worried about that. I know they say if you have a female you should get a male and vise vera, but girls just seem to be more laid back.

Lisa’s pup Nash seems to be laid back, maybe I should think about it and start saving….

Here is a pic of my baby Disney, isn’t she sweet?

Lizards for co-workers

A few nights ago, when I was headed off to get some torching done, Greg said to me “Play nice with your co-workers”.  I thought, humm, have I developed multiple personalities?  “What?” I say to him.

He gives me his funny little grin and says “Play nice with the lizards”.

Oh, so the lizards are my co-workers now.  I see.  I give him one of my, you are a nut, but I am too nice to say it out loud looks, “okay”.

I wonder off to my studio, with him grinning at me.

So ya, we have lizards that live here.  Our studio has a couple of big windows that face the back yard and I torch at night.  Which means the lights are bright in my studio and the bugs like to fly around the windows, obviously drawn to the light.  This is where the lizards come in. Dinner time.

So as I am torching, I often see one or two lizards streaking past on the window toward what must be a bug of prey.  One of them has a white belly and I swear I get flashed a few times every night.  It can be a little distracting at first, seeing something move out of the corner of my eye.  Last night there were two of them running around.  Looked to me like they we teamed up, going after a moth.  How do I take all this in and still make those beads?   Beats me.

I have learned to expect to see those little guys each night.  If not, I start to wonder what happened to them.  Did I not get the memo it was a day off?  I also learned I have to be careful to close the screen door before I start working, otherwise the lizards like to actually hang out on the door and when I go outside to turn the propane off, they sometimes come in the studio.  We don’t want that.  The lizards are cool and all, but I sure don’t want them in the house.  I mean really when it is quiting time, I don’t want my co-workers going home with me.

Glorious October

Wow, October is shaping up to be a very nice month indeed.  At least weather wise anyway.  Okay, well Greg is painting and it is probably a little warmer than he prefers, but it is still nice.  It is in the low eighties and low humidity.  The nights are around 60.  The sun is shining bright and beautiful .  Perfect weather for a sunflower don’t you think?  I think so.

Someone once told us October was the best month in Louisiana.  I can see why.  Yes, it is still hurricane season, we have a few more months of that.  However, all the weather people say September is the worst month for that.  Luckily we have been spared so far.  We have just had a bit of rain.  No big deal.

About the painting.  The house is going to look so nice when it is done.   We changed themes and ended up going with a sand color for the body, a cream for the trim and then red/brown for accent.  Yes, it is kind of like the living room.  Oh well, if it works once, it should work again right?  It is cleaning up quite nicely and will have a lot of character when it is done.  I promise pictures of before and after.  It is slow going though, due to the wood siding, we have to hand brush every inch of the place.  We are on day three and still haven’t even completed one side of the house yet.  Hopefully today at least one side will be complete.

I have to head back to home depot for more paint.  It is a good 40 miles from here.  I hope they have what we need.

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