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9.99 auctions


Newest 9.99 offerings on ebay.

Today is the last day of my 9.99 ebay auctions.  I have run them for a full week and there are great deals to be had.  Don’t miss out.  Here are the lastest ones.




Today's 9.99 offering

Yum! Steel blue and orange creamsicle blossoms on ebay:


9.99 week!

I’ve decided this is $9.99 week on ebay.  Here is today’s offering.  Happy Bidding.


Another 9.99 auction!

Two in one week! Another $9.99 auction on ebay.  Happy bidding.


9.99 auction!

Good Friday Morning.  My parents are in town this week, so I am busy running around showing the sights of SE Louisiana.  In the mean time I have a 9.99 auction for you. Happy Bidding!


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