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Bewitched on Bourbon Street is here!

It’s finally here! Book seven in the Jade Calhoun series!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00019]Bewitched on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun, Book 7)

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(Audio and print coming soon)


Baby-making with Kane is right up Jade’s alley…until a curse throws a bucket of ice on their fire.

Jade and Kane are ready to take the next step in their lives together. But after a routine blessing goes horribly wrong, suddenly any thoughts of starting a family are put on hold when Jade is cursed and their future child threatened.

Now the hunt is on to find the one responsible in order to break the curse. But life on Bourbon Street is never that straightforward. There are demons to battle, souls to save, and secrets to be uncovered. And as Jade and her friends get closer to the truth, it’s starting to look like someone has made a deal with the devil.

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