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Beadmaker or Artist?

I was having a conversation with another fellow lampworker about what we consider ourselves. Bead maker or artist? We both said bead maker.

I consider Greg to be the artist of this pair. The way he comes up with ideas, implements them and runs with it, is amazing to me. He doesn’t want anyone to show him how to do something. Most of the fun for him is figuring it out. While on the other hand, I am more results driven. If something doesn’t work after a few tries I get kinda frustrated and give up on the idea, unless someone shows me how. I’ll tell you a secret…are you ready? Okay here goes. If I can’t figure something out, I ask Greg to do it and show me how. Is that cheating? Probably, but since he is my partner in life and business, that is just the way it goes.

Okay so back to the bead maker verses artist thing. I am in no way getting into the art vs craft debate. This is just about how I see myself. What I find kind of humorous is my friend said they same thing. She does not consider herself an artist. Now here is the humorous part, I own and wear more of her beads than I do anyone else. I love them. Maybe it is her passion for bead making that shows through, maybe it is just that I feel her joy when I wear them, or maybe, just maybe it is because she is an artist and just doesn’t see herself that way.

I have neglected to tell you who this person is on purpose, as I am not sure she would want this to be public knowledge. You know who you are though, and yes you are an artist. Does this mean I could be too? Maybe or maybe not. I just like to melt glass and am thankful everyday I get to make my living doing it.

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