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A dog you can carry in your purse

My dog is a 65 pound Golden Retriever. Its true, I am never going to be able to carry her around in my purse. Greg says I should put saddle bags on her and she can carry my purse. Ya, sure that will work.

Catt from Cattwalk has the cutest little dog names Pebbles. She takes here everywhere in a dog purse. I have been telling Greg I want one. He has been ignoring me. I finally snapped and told him he had to talk to me about this. He says we don’t want another dog, because we have more travel plans. I said I can carry the little dog in a purse. Then he says “To Europe?”.

Okay, so he has a point, but here is the other issue. We have a 12 year old Gold Capped Conure. She is expected to live to be 25 to 30 years old. That gives us quite a bit of time until we are ‘free”. See where I am going with this. No way will we leave our birdy behind to spend a few months in Europe, we just couldn’t do it. Do you know how hard it is to get parrots back into the US if you take them out? So that gives us about 15 years give or take. I don’t see the issue with getting a little dog I can carry in my purse.

Also, before you start in, no I don’t want a Paris Hilton dog. One like Pebbles would be adorable or maybe a Shih Tzu? Plus, Disney, my Golden Retriever loves little dogs. She’d be a great mama. :-)

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