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Well, the heater works.

A few nights ago while I was torching, the breeze from the door and the window actually made me cold.  So I closed the door and kept right on working.  When I was finished at about 9 pm at night, I wondered into the living room to tell Greg it was actually cold outside.  He looked at me with his “You amaze me” look and then laughed.  He gets up wonders over to the thermostat and say, yep you are right it is 74 degrees in here.

Okay, I didn’t say it was cold inside, I said it was cold outside.  So me being me…I put him on ignore.  The next morning, he tells me it’s cold this morning, then turns the heater on.  Yep, we ran it for all of 5 minutes.  Good to know it works for when we might actually need it.  Although some would debate the heater is needed when it is 60 degrees.  Hey, I am use to 90 degree weather, give me a break.

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It was “chilly” here this morning for about 30 minutes…and we are due for a mid-40’s night tonight, and then up in the mid-90s during the day. go figure.

Kaye Husko

hey! I had to turn my air conditioner on today…dang! it was 75 full sun, my bedroom is hot…no way I can relax and watch tv in there LOL…but hey, seriously…I turned our heat on the first time the other day…during all the nasty weather.


I LOVE your focal bead with the jazz man on it! It matches your new art! Great JOB!