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The gift that keeps on giving!

So last week was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! The morning of my birthday, I woke up to this running toward me:

My pooch was my birthday gift from my hubby ten years ago. We always joke that every year she is my birthday gift, because she is the gift that keeps on giving. This is the first year she actually got a big red bow. She was pretty pleased with herself it seemed also. Of course anytime I am smiling at her and telling her how cute she is, she is pleased.

So even though the car broke down on our way to my birthday lunch, and then I got a migraine the next day when Greg tried to make it up for me, all in all it was good birthday. How could it not be, with such a sweet present? Here are some more of my favorite pics of my big red bow dog.

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What a great present! And the pics are sweet. Sorry about the van…cars are the pits when they don’t want to work!


My son got me a Chihuahua for Christmas seven years ago. I never thought of him as the gift that keeps on giving, but I do now. I am going to tell my son just how much I love the present he gave me seven years ago.