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For a few months now Greg has talked about getting serious about teaching soft glass marbles and murrini.  Personally I think Greg is a great teacher.  I am rather excited that he wants to do this.  We have done one and one teaching and demos in the past, but now is the time to get serious about making teaching arrangements.  Of course that is my job.  I am a little unsure about how to go about that, but I have contacted a few studios about it.  Ones where we have met the owners, so hopefully we can get something worked out.

What do you think?  Would you take a marble class and/or murrini making with Greg?  Or how about me?  If I were to teach, what would you like to learn from me?   Any place in particular you would like to see us go?  Of course now that we are stationary we can have students come here.  We even have an rv out back for easy lodging.  :-)

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Kaye Husko

Deanna, Greg would be a great teacher, the both of you would. Kimberly posted a great answer to my question on teaching on LE. You might take a look, its in the class section. Good Luck! and the mad scientist teaching is awesome, to watch him work is an amazing thing…I think he has a LOT to offer, especially offering it in soft glass.


Thanks Kaye. I just saw what Kimberly wrote. In fact I didn’t even see your post until yesterday evening asking about teaching. I think you should definitely do it. You’d be great. Ask me how I know? :-)