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New Book Covers--Favorite Things Monday

My debut novel Haunted on Bourbon Street was launched at the end of July. Some of you may be wondering what’s next in the series. I’m happy to report I’m busy working away on Witches of Bourbon Street, slated for a December release. It will probably be late December, but I’m hoping to get it out before the end of the year.

Yesterday, my lovely team Lisa Liddy of The Printed Page, and Kyle Crichton finished work on the new cover. Lisa is my book designer. She does my covers and layouts of my books. Kyle is a graphic artist who does photo manipulation (among other things like painting and animation).

Anyway, the e-version coverĀ  is ready. Thank you Lisa and Kyle! I couldn’t wait to share it.

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Sharyl King

love it. They both always do such a great job. and I can’t wait until December even more now. :)


That cover rocks! Great image for the background. Glad to be a part of the process


Thanks girls!

Red Tash

Well, I for one, love the new cover. And I wanted to tell you on your other blog post, how much I love the little doggies. I dated someone with a shih tzu, and I miss that dog! :)

Thanks again for contributing a book to the Kindle giveaway. Here’s hoping one of your readers takes home the grand prize. :)