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It's here! Haunted on Bourbon Street Marble

Best. Hubby. Ever! I asked Greg a while ago to make some murrine of the image on the cover of my book. He did make it and it’s been sitting on the work bench waiting for me to get time to make something with it. I did of course ask him to make a marble,but he balked and sort of ignored my request.

Okay. No problem.

So, imagine my surprise when he pulled this out of the kiln this morning:


I love it! It is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for when I asked him to make me one a month ago. One side has the silhouette image and the other side has houses with silhouette ghost people.  The bottom has skulls and flowers.


And on the top: The word Bourbon.

Again, I have to say, I love it! Thanks, Greg.

I’ve put it on eBay with the other marbles and have included a signed copy of the book¬† in the listing. You can check it out here.

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That is sooooo amazing! You two epitomize “collaboration” in all aspects of life! Go have sushi!


OMG…that is off the hook! Tell Greg I’m officially NOT pissed that he didn’t read the book until it was published anymore! :-)


Oooh! I love it! Great job…