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Favorite Things Monday-Homemade Smoothies

So, last week I was talking about smoothies. That got Greg thinking if we had a blender (ours died a while back), then I could make us smoothies. Yes, I can do it. He didn’t seem to be paying much attention when I was telling him the ratio of ingredients. I suspect I’m going to be hearing, “D, aren’t you going to make a smoothie today?” quite often the rest of the summer.

You’d think with my vast experience of smoothie making, I could have been a little less messy, right?







It was super yummy though. Mine included soymilk, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Greg’s had orange juice, orange sherbet, strawberries, and peaches.

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Jennifer Spiller

Now I want a smoothie. Darn. The only thing in my house is peas, though. I don’t think a peas smoothie is going to do it for me.


I would like watermelon, please…oh and I pimped the book on my blog…yes, that blog…


@Jenn, Pea smoothie is not something I want to see. lol

@Lisa, Greg did pick up watermelon for me today. I foresee a watermelon smoothie tomorrow. Yum! And thanks!

Eze Rojas

Haha! Nice one! We have a smoothie every morning of every day. Here’s proof: