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Favorite Things Monday-er Tuesday

Mondays are always super busy and for that reason alone, I usually find myself with the dreaded Monday blues. So, over the weekend I decided I’d have Mondays be Favorite Things day on the blog. You know. A place to talk about things that make me warm and fuzzy or squeal with glee.

Of course, I found myself swamped yesterday with stuff and I didn’t get the post written. (Please. I’m not organized enough to do my posts in advance and that would defeat the purpose of Favorite Things Monday anyway. The whole point is to takeĀ  a few moments to focus on something that makes me smile). Obviously I failed at my first cheerful Monday post.

That means I have two things for Tuesday. Or three really.

First up: My boys. Little balls of energy and kisses.

Someone should really gives these scrubs a haircut.

Next up. The finished manuscript. My editor sent the word file back while I was at Bead and Button. Last night I finished my edits and revisions. I’ll be doing one more read through, then it’s off for a final copy edit on the changes I made. Holy Crap. Almost there!

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Lisa Liddy

Wow…look at that “almost a real book”! And the dogs are cute too.


Woot!! I’ll be so happy to see that all bound up inside a cover with your name on the front!!

And I love the idea of a favorite-things-Monday. Great way to refocus some negative energy. You’re one smart cookie!


Love the little boys! And can’t wait to see the book in print!