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The Princess Bride

What is it about this movie anyway?  This is the one movie that everyone I know likes, accept for me.  I have never liked this movie.  I have tried several times to watch it, searching for whatever I am missing about it, that everyone loves.  Am I missing a humor gene?  Am I not twisted enough?  Maybe I just have a mental block about it.

I remember in high school hearing the title and thinking this movie was a romantic fairy tail, along the lines of Snow White, only not in animation.   I was surprised to find it was a spoof movie.  I keep thinking. maybe it just didn’t meet my expectations the first time around.  I should really try again.

Over the years, I have tried three or four times to watch it.  Greg (my husband) thinks it is hilarious, along with every other person I have ever asked about it.  Unfortunately it just never holds my interest long enough for me to really watch it and give it a full shot.  I feel like there is something seriously wrong with me.   I like twisted movies.  I cracked up watching Napoleon DynamiteStrange Brew, American Pie, Austin Powers, and many others.   However, the Princess Bride has eluded me.  Tell me I am not the only person on earth that doesn’t like this movie.